06 Jun 2020

Beating My Fear Of Public Showers and Getting Nude in Front Of Strangers

(A Guest Blog)
Back in the day, boys would generally shower after gym class. The biggest reason why I refused to use the high school facilities was the bad experiences I saw other students had.
There were instances where the teenaged lads would "snitch" garments or ridicule other boys. The poor students who endured this bullying did not look pleased to be on the receiving end of someone's prank.
I decided to join a health club because I was gaining too much weight and also this time I knew there was no avoiding the shower room.
The health club rules said you had to shower before entering the pool place. After a grueling work out, all I wanted to do was jump into the Jacuzzi and let the hot water melt away the aches and pains. So I made a conscious decisions to face my fear.
Using the public showers was one of my biggest fears
My very first time getting naked and using the shower was really strange for me. I felt so uncomfortable taking my clothes off in front of a bunch of unfamiliar guys. http://fwp.mt.gov/search?query=http://b-boyz.com managed to muster up the courage was seeing the way the other guys looked so comfortable being naked. I really observed two nude men talking about their plans for the weekend and the fact that they were both nude didn't seem to faze them.
Regrettably, over the years that I worked out in this gym, I never grew this comfortable with social nudity. But nudism xxx 'm happy to say no one stole my garments nor was I subjected to any bullying. In reality, nothing out of the ordinary really occurred in the shower room. It became something of a routine. I might take off my clothes, shower, get redressed and go on about my business like regular.
I learned a valuable lesson from this experience. I learned that I should never avoid something only because I felt uncomfortable with it. Sometimes you just need to go with the stream and more often than not nothing bad will happen.
Who knows, maybe one day I could wrap my head around the nude independence that many naturists experience everyday! But for now, naturism seems to be a little jump.
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