04 Jun 2020

Get Your Naked Fitness On people!

Naked Fitness In Spain
Naked Fitness - To draw in more customers, a gym in the Basque region of Spain now provides the alternative of working out naked. Wonderful! The owner states, "Doing sport without clothing is natural - and considerably more comfy." See a video of the gym with this article (expect you speak Spanish.)
Though more diligent use of towels should be necessary, why not exercise bare? https://s3.amazonaws.com/naturist-last/beach-fuck.html in the U.S. such as Sunny Rest in PA, have nude/clothes-optional fitness centers.
Naked Fitness at First Naturist Gymnasium in Spain
Or how about golfing naked? La Jenny Naturist Course is a awesome golf course in France where complete nudity is needed! And up to now, https://s3.amazonaws.com/naturist-last/beach-voyeur.html 's the only one in Europe. It appears we are lacking these types of golf courses in the U.S. But unless https://s3.amazonaws.com/naturist-last/teen-nudist-photos.html need to wear a sports bra, why not golf naked too!
La Jenny Naturist Class
There are many games and sports we play that need clothing simply out of social rules and standards, and many of them could be played naked! As a custom brought over from the naturist movement in Germany, nudists used to wake up at 4 or 5:00 am to do morning calisthenics, or simple movements and stretches, at the naturist clubs.
What do you all think? Would you would rather work out nude? Play sports naked?
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