30 May 2020

A Warm Reception Given To LA World Naked Bike Riders Through Los Angeles

LA Naked Bike Ride 2015 and Introducing a fresh column - the SCNA Naturist Review:
Felicity has asked me / SCNA to give regular posts here on the FKK site concerning the naturist movement, and specifically what's occurring in and around Los Angeles.
Before several years, we have discovered that interest in naturism among young adults has virtually burst across the southern half of California.
Gone is the necessity of going into a gated naturist club to get nude with those who are old enough to be your parents or grandparents. A growing number of young people are finding more creative ways to appreciate their natural instinct to enjoy the sun and breeze without clothing. This column means to explore the many choices open to anyone desiring to research naturism in new and different ways.
Parts of this article were composed by Rolf Holbach, present SCNA President, and among the WNBR-LA organizers.
From various participant accounts on all sides (veteran riders, newbies, volunteers, and the LAPD), this was the BEST WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE EVER since the first one held in Los Angeles 11 years past. The authorities estimated there were between 400-425 riders, a rise of around 100 riders from this past year.
Pic: Char / LAist, copied with permission.
Many of the veteran riders remarked on how much more they appreciated this year's ride.
As much as college-age naturists prefer flash mob-kind events that seem to have no advanced preparation and go off spontaneously, the the fact is that once a bunch gets larger than about 100, the police department insists they've leaders they can call, bike routes pre-planned, etc.
Otherwise they are less inclined to approve the big event. Over the past several years, a team of leaders have appeared for the LA ride. As the amount of riders grew, so did we see the significance of portable toilets, rider leaders spaced out among the riders to keep the bicyclists within their lanes rather than straggle. This season, the team began work last September to be sure the bike ride appears as smooth as possible.
This year we organized for a different and bigger pre-ride staging area that has been shielded in the public streets. We also had wristband bike registration and clothes-check service to be sure both the bikes and people's clothing were secure from potential theft. We added walkie talkies for the ride leaders so everyone understood precisely what was going on at all times through the entire mile-long line of naked riders through the downtown streets.
We solicited patrons for the portable toilets, and we secured liability insurance (required by town or else we could not get the license). Last, we fixed a food truck to sell sandwiches, water, and soda to the riders (this was much appreciated!) and we had another vendor who handed out free biscuits for a small energy boost!
Brandon, a LA Naked Bike Ride 2015 leader, gives instructions to riders
The easy behind-the scenes process was commended by the LAPD after the race. The local sergeant in charge called us that evening to congratulate us on an effective ride with no complaints at all from any one of the officers who tracked the bike ride through the day.
Although a lot of riders did not find them, we can now disclose that both uniformed and undercover cops along both legs of the ride greatly monitored the ride.
The LAPD commented how well the ride was received by the public-at-large this year (many waves and cheers, with some bystanders dropping their clothing and joining us!).
The whole ride took a little over three hours to finish.
We even had a man from Australia on vacation who told us he was flying up to Portland later that evening to do their ride right as our ride was done!
Of course, the imagination in decorating bodies in addition to motorcycles was just wonderful! https://s3.amazonaws.com/naturism-aa/girl-on-the-beach-nude.html 'd a vendor supply free body paint to anyone needing to have a sign painted on their bodies, and many of the riders believed that was a delightful idea!
The slogans linked to body liberty, saving oil, boosting alternative energy, and reminding automobile motorists to drive more carefully and share the road with bikers.
Rider gets body painted while Nude at LA World Naked Bike Ride. https://s3.amazonaws.com/naturism-aa/australia-nude-beaches.html : Char / LAist, copied with permission.
Nude Body Painting at the LA Naked Bike Ride 2015

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