26 May 2020

To place things into a fast view: I am a relative beginner to social nudism. I've been a closet nudist all my life, and lived in your typical New Zealand household/city. I view social nudism as a subculture to the prevailing culture of the region/state to

Within this sub culture community of social nudists I'm very interested in observing the concept of personal privacy. We don't have the same concept of personal privacy as the textiles.
For Cloths, the entire concept of personal privacy has a modesty to immodesty ratio that heavily tends toward modesty - from our point of view. Our overall idea of personal privacy greatly leans toward immodesty - from their point of view. Theirs and our limits of personal privacy are in different locations. Our immodesty has limitations, however. I'm interested in finding where those limitations, both for myself and for the recognized community.
I remember being on my first visit of the local club, and getting the tour round the grounds. I was surprised at finding the showers were unisex and open plan. Thinking back it all makes sense, but back then I was coming from a point of view of a just-coming-out closet nudist (basically a textile). Cloths see showering as somewhat toilet-orientated. I think most nudist do not. A number of us are just not comfortable about washing each of their bits and bottoms with others. Those regions need a focused effort if it is definitely going to be done properly. I'm now comfortable giving the places a quick once-over. Everyone's got touches and bottoms after all.
Dressing and undressing is inherently 'Textile'. Us doing it communally makes our undergarments less modesty things than merely practical clothes things for warmth. Almost all of use will just put on or take off at will, without the need of some solitude to do so. Textile street fashions - particularly womens' fashion - are going toward being less humble. Over the years pants are worn lower to show off the knickers beneath. Tops are more translucent, showing bras and camisoles beneath. Skirts are designed in this style that the they are readily blown up by the wind. There's a slow trend to being less humble and more - in a way - nudist.
I give it 50 years and New Zealand will be a societal nudist state. Our private privacy will extend to having unisex open plan showers at the neighborhood swimming pool. I hope I can see the years out until then.

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