16 May 2020

One of many principal characteristics of FKK from its first year in existence was its member-driven regional assemblies, known as "Parties." FKK' first Assembly was held on October 24-26, 1980 at Elysium in Topanga Canyon, California. Lange, who played a

Another initiation announced at the first Assembly was the formulation of Naturist Specific Interest Groups, or SIGs. The thought was to provide a common meeting point on issues and actions of interest to FKK members. Each SIG would encourage active involvement in social interaction and communication. The result would be a more dynamic and socially cohesive group of people who had a love for societal nudity and body acceptance as common denominators. SIGs didn't have to relate directly to nudity. Early SIGs addressed issues as varied as fitness, photography, parenting, sex equality, gay consciousness, and spirituality. Now http://www.charitiesbuyinggroup.com/MemberSearch.aspx?Returnurl=https://lolitabeach.xyz contain groups interested in air travel, poetry, opera, massage, scuba, and Christianity. Some are fairly active and participate at Gatherings; others only have a newsletter to let others with similar interests know what their peers are doing. Today Network Coordinator Debbie Jungwirth helps FKK members in the simple procedure for developing and preserving a SIG.

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