10 May 2020

The decision to remove Lupin as an official AANR club continues to be a point of controversy within the Naturist and Naturist communities. But what precisely occurred that lead to the removal of the club and did they do anything worse than what you'd find

Therefore I determined to reach out to some good friend and FKK supporter - Tom Mullhall. For those that might not know, Tom is whoever owns the Tera Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, CA. He is also the chairman of AANR PR committee and this is what he said:
AANR is made up of areas. Lupin and California are in the AANR West Region. The AANR West Board of Directors did not request that Lupin not be affiliated with AANR. I've personally known Glyn Stout of Lupin for almost 20 years. He runs a great establishment. https://ord.uscourts.gov/index.php/external-link-redirect?url=https://purenudism.buzz advocate nudists to see Lupin when they're in the region.
Since AANR West didn't want Lupin removed and as far as I know, no official vote was cast, this leads us to assume that some kind of executive order had been made. Since I was unable find any official statement and got no official response, my guess why they removed them would be only that a guess!
The Fox Hunt did in fact happen on their reasons, this we know. I've been told by AANR members that Lupin advertised it and because of this courted these groups. https://www.ugadmissions.rutgers.edu/linkfromemail.aspx?linkId=758E698D5AB2B9E8&id1=4E9EE99ADAB907D5A2EF59BC37555235&id2=041FFE3E1809767D&desturl=https://x-public.com would have been the game-changer in my own view but after speaking with AANR officials, ceaselessly searching the web and reaching out to innumerable folks, I CAn't find any evidence of that they'd advertised it the way some asserted. I want to notice the individuals who made these allegations wouldn't react to my follow up efforts to learn more (these kinds of crazy accusations followed by complete unresponsiveness, is an disturbing MO in the Naturist / Naturist community).

Here was her answer:
Lupin rents their property out to a variety of types of groups. They do no marketing for these groups and are closed to the people when these groups take over the resort. Glyn showed me the place this special group used, which is on the public land adjoining to the Lupin property. When the group was completed with their activity on this particular abutting property they returned to the resort and had complete use of the clubhouse and among the larger yurts.
Lupin is a privately owned property and is doing what they can to survive and develop. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Glyn and Lori Kay Stout and know that they would never do anything to damage naturism or The Naturist Society.
So this got me thinking about nudist and naturist resorts and behaviour etiquette in general. I personally am not interested in such sexual escapades; but I understand that some folks are. Is having a sexually driven private event, in a secluded private area of a nudist club, grounds for cutting ties? Does this mean that each naturist club that has any type of sexual activity on its grounds is breaking the moral nudist code?
I feel that the response to these questions is at the core of the issue. There are official AANR clubs that openly publicize on their own sites (and consequently promote) events like leather and lace as well as lingerie parties. Are such club-encouraged parties, which take place in the open and are obviously meant to titillate, considered healthy, positive and approved forms of expression? If so, how are leather, lace and lingerie parties distinct from other kinds of costumes? To put this bluntly, why is a person dressed in an animal costume so much more upsetting to AANR than a naturist dressed in leather BDSM apparel?
It is also crucial that you note that we now have some AANR clubs that are known swinger-magnets and function as meeting places where swingers get together and bash. You will find even websites and forums dedicated to these swingers meet-ups.
Lately, an indepth 3 component blog about one woman's visit to Bright Rest naturist resort in PA surfaced, and here is one brief excerpt which makes a fascinating point:
"We learned earlier today from Irv, the 88-year old owner, that many of the resort's naturists engage in swinging - like the majority, as in 60%."
(Her full post can be seen here.)

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